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An unexpected day off

When I got in to work today I got notification that our network was having some issues.  Issues was putting it mildly – things had ground to a halt!  Everything I needed to do today required logging on to a remote computer (which I couldn’t do with the network problems), so I decided to take a day off.  I love that my job is so flexible!

Today is scheduled as a rest day, but I’m debating hopping on my bike for a bit, moving my walk/run session to tomorrow, and making Saturday my rest day instead.  I’m going to be on the road for about 6 hours tomorrow and wasn’t looking forward to fitting in a both a a ride and a swim first thing in the morning, but by switching things up I can swim in the morning, travel all day, and do a walk/run session when I get to my destination tomorrow afternoon.  The only problem is that my butt is still a little tender from Tuesday night’s ride…I wish it would toughen up already!

I could also put today to good use and get some things done around the house that need doing.  Hmmm, play outside or do housework on a bonus day off?  Tough choice….


Great day!

I woke up  My dog woke me up at 5:15 this morning because she just had to go outside.  Usually when she does I let her out and attempt to go back to sleep, but in reality it results in an hour of her jumping up on the bed and sticking her cold nose in my ear until I get fed up and get out of bed.  I figured I’d prevent this by closing the bedroom door, and what d’ya know, it worked!  What I didn’t count on was waking up 2 hours later to a suspicious “squeaky” sound.  In retaliation for shutting her out she decided to chew up my favourite flip-flops.  Amazingly, this is the only pair of shoes she has chewed in her 14 months of life, and they were 10 years old…so I suppose I’ve got off lucky!

After cleaning up the rubbery mess (from what I can tell, none was actually ingested…just chewed to bits) I made a fantastic breakfast consisting of a 1 egg + 2 egg white omelette stuffed with spinach and a sprinkling of feta cheese, with a side of sprouted-grain toast.  Yum!  That, along with 3 cups of vanilla tea got me in the mood to get outside for a walk/run session.

This was my last session at 3.5 minutes walk/1.5 minutes run, but I was feeling so good I pushed a couple of the run sessions longer.  The session ended up looking like this: 3.5 min walk : 1.5 min run : 3.5 min walk: 2.5 min run: 2.5 min walk: 2 min run: 3 min walk: 1.5 min run.  It felt great!  I followed up with some stretches in the backyard and a nice session with my foam roller.

Ode to a foam roller

Foam roller, how I adore you

You made tears spring to my eyes when I used you for the first time

It hurt

It hurt like hell

After one short week, you have become such an important part of my life

You still hurt

But you only hurt like heck now

You are the first thing I reach for after a walk/run session

My IT bands thank you

You are saving me from a weekly 50 minutes of torture at the hands of my massage therapist

You are putting $60 a week into my pocket instead of my massage therapists

I love you even more for that

Foam roller, I think you’re going to be sticking around for a long, long time

Looking on the bright side

I have a love/hate relationship with my car.  I love that it takes me where I want to go.  I love that it is completely paid for.  I love that it is fuel efficient and easy to park.  I hate putting gas in it and I really, really hate when it breaks down.  😦

I called my mechanic this morning and they sent somebody to my house (the benefits of living in a tiny town!) with a new radiator cap and topped up the coolant so I could get it in to be looked at.  As it turns out the minor servicing I had last week because my brake warning light was on wasn’t just because I had low brake fluid.  Nope, it’s because some really important brake  thingamajig is cracked and the only place to get the part is from California.  I’m in Canada.  It’s going to take 7 days for it to get here, and my car is un-drivable until then.  Crap.

I’m looking at this on the bright side though – I’ll get a ton of walking in this week!  I do live close enough to work that I can walk, I just won’t be able to pop home at lunch like I usually do, so I’ll have to do some brown bag lunch planning.  The grocery store isn’t that far out of the way, so I’ll pick up a few things at a time as I need them instead of doing a big shop on the weekend like I generally do.  And, I’ll be saving money on gas, which is always a bonus.

The only real downside (other than the $$$$ repair bill I’ll be paying next week) is that I won’t be able to get to the swimming pool or out to the mountain bike trails this weekend.  Oh, and did I mention the forecast is for rain, rain, and more rain this week…guess I’ll be breaking out the rainjacket and umbrella!

Horrible, terrible, not good, very bad day..

Today was one of those days that just went sideways about 5 minutes after the alarm went off.  Actually, it started about 30 minutes before the alarm went off when the pup heard something outside and started barking her head off.  Then she started jumping on and off the bed and sticking her nose into my ear.  Ugh.

As I opened the door to let her out I,  was greeted by…2″ of snow!  WHAT???  We’ve had a crazy mild winter here and I can’t remember the last snowfall we had – it’s been at least 6 weeks, if not longer – so this snow was an unwelcome visitor.  It threw off my plans for a bike ride before work this morning, so once I got the dog back in and fed, I crawled back into bed for a bit of a snooze…and slept right in until 30 minutes before work.  A quick (and I mean quick) shower a quick bite to eat and I was out the door.

Work was crazy busy and we got the news that the layoffs that have been looming for the past month may be announced next week – but may not.  I am stressed and somehow when I was picking up groceries after work a big bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs made their way into by shopping basket.  I was weak.  I ate the entire bag, got a crazy sugar high, then crashed, hard…which lead to me skipping the weights I had planned for after work.  Stress eating sucks.

Today is just one of those horrible, terrible, not good, very bad days.  Tomorrow will be better.  It’s got to be.

The Plan for Tomorrow:

  • Walk/Run day with a possible bike ride if the weather is decent (no more SNOW!)

Tri Training Plan: Week Starting May 10th

Monday: 350m swim & 30 min walk/run session*

Tuesday: 6.5 km bike

Wednesday: 350 m swim / 30 min walk/run session

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 350 m swim / 6.5 km bike

Saturday: 30 min walk/run session

Sunday: 6.5 km bike

*walk/run sessions will be 2 min walk/3 min run this week

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