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Today started with an early morning swim where I focused on form instead of endurance.  I’m still riding my 100m high from yesterday, so it was good to focus on technique.  Tiring, but good.

Shorty called when I got home from work to see if I wanted to head out for a short hike with all of our dogs.  My original plan was to go for an after work run, but it was a gorgeous day and a hike sounded really good.  We hiked up in the hills behind my house for an hour or so (basically 40 minutes straight up, 20 minutes down – it’s steep).  I came home, made my dinner, and resigned myself to fitting a run in tomorrow morning instead.  Funny thing is, about 20 minutes later I found myself throwing on my running clothes and lacing up my runners.  Yep, I ran!

Tonight’s run was a little disappointing.  About 15 minutes into it I started to feel a familiar twinge in my right hip – my IT band was acting up 😦  I stopped for a few seconds to try stretching it out a bit, but no luck.  I took it at an easy pace for the rest of the session and hit up my foam roller when I got home.

A few years ago, this would have been enough to sideline me.  The negative thoughts of “I can’t do this” and “my body won’t let me run” would have taken over.  Tonight, I had a breakthrough and started planning my strategy for keeping injury free while I was still running!  This is huge!

My strategy: back off for my next runs on Wednesday and Saturday to 2:30 walk/2:30 run and avoid the “big hill”.  If it’s pain free, consider moving up to 2 walk/3 run, but listen to my IT band – if it’s twinge-ish, back off.  Also, step up the foam rolling.  I’ve been slacking off a bit the past week.  I’ll hit it up in the morning, when I come home for my lunch hour, and after work, in addition to after any activity.

I will make it through this, and I will be a runner again!

Oh, and I have to share the ah-MAY-zing salad I had for dinner last night.  It was freaking spectacular and I must document it for posterity!  I’ve been trying to eat a “new” vegetable every couple of weeks.  I consider a veggie new if I really have never tried it before, or if I tried it as a kid and hated it.  Beets fall into this category.  I would eat them as a kid only if they were pickled, and then only at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  This post over at Clean Eating Machines inspired me to give beets a shot this week.  And you know what, I really liked them!  No pics (’cause I hate taking them…maybe someday, but right now, not fun for me)

Ah-May-Zing Salad with Grilled Chicken, Roasted Beets & Feta

  • romaine lettuce, torn up
  • kale, cut into ribbons
  • baby spinach
  • cucumber, sliced
  • roasted beets, cut into 1/2″ chunks
  • feta cheese
  • sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 grilled chicken breast, chopped up
  • Dressing: 2 parts olive oil, 2 part balsamic vinegar, 1 part red wine vinegar, salt & pepper to taste

Next veggie on the list – brussell sprouts.  I gag a little just thinking about them, but am determined to find a preparation that actually tastes good.  They are only stocked at the grocery stores here at Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I am determined to track them down!  I wonder if frozen brussell sprouts are worth a try?


Tri Training Plan: Week Starting May 10th

Monday: 350m swim & 30 min walk/run session*

Tuesday: 6.5 km bike

Wednesday: 350 m swim / 30 min walk/run session

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 350 m swim / 6.5 km bike

Saturday: 30 min walk/run session

Sunday: 6.5 km bike

*walk/run sessions will be 2 min walk/3 min run this week

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