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An unexpected day off

When I got in to work today I got notification that our network was having some issues.  Issues was putting it mildly – things had ground to a halt!  Everything I needed to do today required logging on to a remote computer (which I couldn’t do with the network problems), so I decided to take a day off.  I love that my job is so flexible!

Today is scheduled as a rest day, but I’m debating hopping on my bike for a bit, moving my walk/run session to tomorrow, and making Saturday my rest day instead.  I’m going to be on the road for about 6 hours tomorrow and wasn’t looking forward to fitting in a both a a ride and a swim first thing in the morning, but by switching things up I can swim in the morning, travel all day, and do a walk/run session when I get to my destination tomorrow afternoon.  The only problem is that my butt is still a little tender from Tuesday night’s ride…I wish it would toughen up already!

I could also put today to good use and get some things done around the house that need doing.  Hmmm, play outside or do housework on a bonus day off?  Tough choice….


I love trail riding!

I met up with my friend Shorty last night and we headed up to a mountain bike trail system up on the plateau.  When we got to the parking area there were a few other cars, but we didn’t see anyone else the entire time – it was awesome!  Neither of us was super familiar with the area, but we managed to find a loop that took about an hour to do.  It was fast and roll-y, with enough uphill to have us both gasping for air, and enough downhill to make the uphill worth it.  I really do have to get my shift timing better, as there were a couple of hills that I totally should have made it up, but didn’t because I was in the wrong gear heading into it.  We also found an area that was pretty flat but filled with all sorts of technical trail features (aka TTF’s).  Unfortunately it was starting to get dark and we weren’t quite sure how long it was going to take to get back to the car, so we couldn’t hang around and play, but we’re definitely going back soon to try out some of the fun teeter-totters and ramps!

On a triathlon-ish note, I think I’ve actually come up with a pretty good plan that is ambitious without being intimidating, and will have me more than ready for a Try-a-Tri/Super Sprint by August, with the option of going for a Sprint if I’m feeling up to it.  I took a hybrid of the two I mentioned in my last post and am really looking forward to progressing with it.  I’m going to put my weekly planned workouts into the side bar (if I can figure out how to do it) and will revisit each week to see how I did.

On today’s schedule is a 350 yd swim, which I did already this morning, though I think I might have done 400 instead – gotta keep track in my head better!  After work I’ll be heading out to do a 25 minute walk/run session consisting of 3 min walk/2 min run).

I’m off to work – Happy Humpday!

Weekly Round-up: April 19-25th

This week was a bit “off” for me due to my car problems, but I managed to get in a bit of training and that makes me happy!

Monday: I was supposed to swim in the morning, but slept in – whoops!  Did a walk/run session in the evening up a killer hill (seriously – all uphill out, then all downhill back).  I can’t wait for the day when I can run the entire hill!

Tuesday: I was supposed to swim again in the morning…but yes, I slept in again.  Not cool!  My evening plans of a nice long trail ride were kiboshed by my car issues, but I went on a 5km hilly hike with a friend instead.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Walk/run session in the evening.

Friday: Drank wine…

Saturday: Walk/run session in the morning.

Sunday: 20 minute bike ride, followed by 15 minute walk run session.  My first quasi-brick workout – yay!

What went well this week:

I stayed consistent with my walk/run program and even managed to push things a little farther.  I did my first real road ride on my bike, which was huge for me!

What was tricky:

Not having my car, coupled with skipping Monday’s swim, meant no swimming at all for me this week.  I am debating trying to go on my lunch hour tomorrow, but I may wait until Wednesday…not sure yet.

What I’ll do differently next week:

I think I might accelerate my super-slow transition program a bit and start spending only 1 to 1.5 weeks on each walk/run time interval…but I’ll keep listening to my joints to avoid injury!  I also think I need to start following an actual training plan that lays out when & how long I should be doing things each week.  I’m torn between this one, which is gets you towards a super-sprint/try-a-tri distance in 10 weeks, or this one, which takes you from total beginner up to a sprint distance in 22 weeks.  Ultimately I’d like to do sprint distances because there are just so many more race options, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure by pushing my knees beyond what they can truly handle.

Can I call it a brick?

I’ve got to be honest here – I hate riding my bike on the road.  It’s a mountain bike.  It’s made for trails.  It’s got fat, knobby tires and shocks with a lot of travel. I think I’ve been using that as an excuse though…because really, I think I’m embarrassed to be seen riding on the road.  I huff.  I puff.  I sweat – a lot.  And I’m slow.  So, so slow.

But, I am determined to get over it.  If I can face up to my fear of being seen in a bathing suit in public (oh, the horrors!) what’s the big deal about being seen on my bike?  It’s a stupid fear and I am officially not putting up with it anymore!

I woke up this morning and told myself that all I had to do was ride in one direction for 10 minutes, then turn around and ride back.  20 minutes total.  Completely do-able.  So, I pulled on my padded shorts, grabbed my helmet and headed out the door.  I live in a narrow valley and wasn’t really wanting to tackle any big hills to start out with, so I chose to ride along the main road through the valley.  Well, actually, I rode along the business access road that parallels the main road through the valley to try to avoid traffic as much as possible.  The bonus was that the access road has quite a few small rolling hills that the main road doesn’t, so I got to do a tiny bit of hill work.  I gotta say, it felt pretty great…until the last 500m or so back to my house.  You know that valley I live in?  Well, my house is partway up the side of the valley, and there is a stupid steep hill that just about killed me.  I was dying by the time I pulled up in front of my house and my legs felt like rubber!

I decided to take my rubber legs and see if I could to a quasi-brick workout.  I ran stumbled inside, dumped my bike and helmet, changed into my running shoes and grabbed the J-dawg for a quick jaunt around the neighbourhood.  I didn’t want to do a “real” walk/run session because I’m due for one tomorrow and I’m super paranoid about doing them on consecutive days. I’m terrified of re-injuring my knees!  Today’s session only lasted about 15 minutes, and included about 5 minutes of running, total.  Somehow I managed to time the running portions to be all uphill…gotta work on that 🙂

The sun is shining today so I’m off to do the first lawn mowing of the year and some major garden weeding!

Great day!

I woke up  My dog woke me up at 5:15 this morning because she just had to go outside.  Usually when she does I let her out and attempt to go back to sleep, but in reality it results in an hour of her jumping up on the bed and sticking her cold nose in my ear until I get fed up and get out of bed.  I figured I’d prevent this by closing the bedroom door, and what d’ya know, it worked!  What I didn’t count on was waking up 2 hours later to a suspicious “squeaky” sound.  In retaliation for shutting her out she decided to chew up my favourite flip-flops.  Amazingly, this is the only pair of shoes she has chewed in her 14 months of life, and they were 10 years old…so I suppose I’ve got off lucky!

After cleaning up the rubbery mess (from what I can tell, none was actually ingested…just chewed to bits) I made a fantastic breakfast consisting of a 1 egg + 2 egg white omelette stuffed with spinach and a sprinkling of feta cheese, with a side of sprouted-grain toast.  Yum!  That, along with 3 cups of vanilla tea got me in the mood to get outside for a walk/run session.

This was my last session at 3.5 minutes walk/1.5 minutes run, but I was feeling so good I pushed a couple of the run sessions longer.  The session ended up looking like this: 3.5 min walk : 1.5 min run : 3.5 min walk: 2.5 min run: 2.5 min walk: 2 min run: 3 min walk: 1.5 min run.  It felt great!  I followed up with some stretches in the backyard and a nice session with my foam roller.

Ode to a foam roller

Foam roller, how I adore you

You made tears spring to my eyes when I used you for the first time

It hurt

It hurt like hell

After one short week, you have become such an important part of my life

You still hurt

But you only hurt like heck now

You are the first thing I reach for after a walk/run session

My IT bands thank you

You are saving me from a weekly 50 minutes of torture at the hands of my massage therapist

You are putting $60 a week into my pocket instead of my massage therapists

I love you even more for that

Foam roller, I think you’re going to be sticking around for a long, long time

Looking on the bright side

I have a love/hate relationship with my car.  I love that it takes me where I want to go.  I love that it is completely paid for.  I love that it is fuel efficient and easy to park.  I hate putting gas in it and I really, really hate when it breaks down.  😦

I called my mechanic this morning and they sent somebody to my house (the benefits of living in a tiny town!) with a new radiator cap and topped up the coolant so I could get it in to be looked at.  As it turns out the minor servicing I had last week because my brake warning light was on wasn’t just because I had low brake fluid.  Nope, it’s because some really important brake  thingamajig is cracked and the only place to get the part is from California.  I’m in Canada.  It’s going to take 7 days for it to get here, and my car is un-drivable until then.  Crap.

I’m looking at this on the bright side though – I’ll get a ton of walking in this week!  I do live close enough to work that I can walk, I just won’t be able to pop home at lunch like I usually do, so I’ll have to do some brown bag lunch planning.  The grocery store isn’t that far out of the way, so I’ll pick up a few things at a time as I need them instead of doing a big shop on the weekend like I generally do.  And, I’ll be saving money on gas, which is always a bonus.

The only real downside (other than the $$$$ repair bill I’ll be paying next week) is that I won’t be able to get to the swimming pool or out to the mountain bike trails this weekend.  Oh, and did I mention the forecast is for rain, rain, and more rain this week…guess I’ll be breaking out the rainjacket and umbrella!

Tri Training Plan: Week Starting May 10th

Monday: 350m swim & 30 min walk/run session*

Tuesday: 6.5 km bike

Wednesday: 350 m swim / 30 min walk/run session

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 350 m swim / 6.5 km bike

Saturday: 30 min walk/run session

Sunday: 6.5 km bike

*walk/run sessions will be 2 min walk/3 min run this week

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